Innovative macrocycle drugs for challenging targets

Partnering with Spexis

Spexis is seeking development, commercialization, strategic transaction and financial partners for its rare disease and oncology programs and for its macrocycle platform.

Macrocycles are a proven therapeutics class with a molecular weight between small molecules and biologics. They balance conformational flexibility and rigidity, allowing targeting both extracellular and intracellular targets not easily accessible by other chemical classes. Since 2014, some 19 distinct macrocycle compounds have been approved in a wide range of diseases and indications. More recently, with the emergence of the molecular glue and protein degrader field, macrocycles are increasingly recognized as possessing significant potential to target unique molecular targets and be combined with complementary technologies.

Spexis possesses two of the most distinct, highly diverse and very well characterized macrocycle libraries in the world:

  • PEMFinder (peptidomimetic macrocycles)
  • MACROFinder (small molecule macrocycles)

Our clinical pipeline has been filled with the most promising candidates identified from these libraries. We are interested to partner either these pre-clinical leads or the entire platform itself – the latter particularly in combination with molecular glue or protein degrader technologies.

Current partners are Fosun Pharma, IMI, CF Foundation, CARB-X, University of Zurich.

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    Pharma collaborations contact

    Hernan Levett
    Chief Financial Officer

    T: +41 61 567 1620